5 Top Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Web Application Development

5 Top Reasons To Choose AngularJS For Web Application Development



AngularJS is largely utilized as a part of building exceedingly robust and adaptable Single Page Applications (SPA).

A framework developed and maintained by Google. You as an engineer can be assured that you’re working with a dependable code base that will scale proficiently with your activities as the Angular Framework is developed and maintained by Google.

1.Get going fast and easy

Speed is the main reason why AngularJS is so favourable amongst the developers. Its MVC architecture and ease of testing lets the developers move with great pace and wrap up the projects within the given timeframe.

Beginners who are using this framework for the first time, there are many tutorials available which make it very simple and quick to learn for them.

2.Simplified MVC architecture

MVC, the Model View Controller framework is an architectural which is a software pattern for developing web applications. comprising of the three blocks develops the user interface, dividing an application into three parts.

The Model layer mainly manages the application data, the View layer is responsible for the display of this data and the Controller connects the model and the view layer.

Normally, the MVC architecture splits the application into three components and then write code to connect them. However, in AngularJS, it splits the application into MVC and it does the rest. This saves up a good amount of time in coding.


As compared to other frameworks, AngularJS uses POJO (Plain Old JavaScript) objects. Now, that means you do not need to add additional getter and setter elements to bind AngularJS along with additional data sources.

A POJO model also provides spontaneous and well-planned objects. Developers have to create loops of objects and loops of arrays with the required properties. Then they need to adjust and reframe it.

This makes AngularJS self-sufficient and easy to use.

4. Coding

Coding is a complicated process that makes use of excruciating details regarding a programming language as well as implements a range of complex solutions. Creating interactive apps with easy codes is what every web developer and designer strives for. Achieving this goal becomes easy with AngularJS as it simplifies the whole coding process by using HTML along with JavaScript. This helps the developers do more with less code and easily deal with complex functionalities.

5. Testing

In every niche, testing plays a vital role in the successful completion of a development process. AngularJS is the best framework if you are looking for an easy approach to do rigorous testing, detect errors, and find code defects with ease. This gives ultimate benefits to developers as they don’t need to put plenty of efforts into the testing phase.

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