Top 10  Business Intelligence Trends For 2019

Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends For 2019



2018 has been a very electrifying year for business intelligence technology and analytics. And, this space is all set to get more exciting in 2019 as AI and machine learning continue to be the toast for tech professionals across the world. BI landscape has been constantly developing that’s why there are the following 10 emerging trends to keep an eye on in 2019.

1. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Tools

Predictive analytics tools are used to predict (understand) the future. This analytics provide companies actionable insights based on data and provide estimates about the likelihood of a future outcome. They can be used throughout the organization from predicting customer behavior and buying patterns to identifying trends in sales activities.

Prescriptive analytics is all about providing advice. They allow users to prescribe a number of different possible actions and guide them towards a solution. They can positively impact on businesses if implemented correctly. They are used to optimize production and scheduling to ensure, they deliver the right products at the right time and optimize the consumer experience.

2. Data Quality Management (DQM)

Data Quality Management is the business process to ensure the integrity of an organization during collection, application, warehousing, and analysis. It is one of the most significant business intelligent trends in 2019. It is not only getting wide acceptance in the BI trends but also thriving into a crucial drill adopted by various companies. The main aim of DQM is to maintain a high quality of information a good DOM ensure that the integrity of data is high and the data readily available to anyone who needs it in a protected and managed fashion.

3. Data Discovery

Without any doubt, 2019 will be the year of DQM and data discovery as human process visual data better. Data discovery tools depend upon a procedure and then generated findings will bring business value. It requires understanding the link between data in the form of data preparation, visual analysis and guided advanced analytics. Data discovery tools help in producing appropriate insights and create a sustainable decision-making process with the use of data visualization tools.

4. Artificial Intelligence

AI is a combination of human intelligence and technology. AI and machine learning are capable to make a way into every aspect of the business through Chatbots or other AI-driven platforms to automate processes. The main aim of AI is to make machines do what is usually done by human intelligence. AI and machine learning are completely revolutionizing the way people interact with analytics. In the future, we will certainly see some revolutionary innovations with the combination of AI and autonomous things like IoT.

5. Security – Digital Ethics and Privacy

One of the biggest BI trends was security in 2018. Last year news feed has been filled with reports on safety issues, data breaches, and huge data loss. Database security has become a heated debate in the public and in private organizations in 2018. This will undeniably pick up speed in 2019 and business owners will search for the safest and sound solutions that avoid the risk of data breach and losses.

6. Storytelling

Storytelling tools are one of the most enthusiastic ways to communicate and connect with the audience to drive business results with data and embed power BI. Some startup vendors have already started using storytelling tools to market their long-term narratives with data. It is expected big developments in this storytelling tools over the next years.

7. Mobile BI 2.0

Mobile BI is a kind of system including both technical and organizational elements that present historical and/or real-time data to its users for analysis on mobile devices like Smartphone and tablets.

The main aim here is to enable effective decision making and management support for increasing organization performance. Before few years this mobile BI trend was the next big thing but it completely got failed as most of the companies have just replicated desktop experience to mobile.

Oracle and Domo have already started thinking about better ways to deliver analytics on mobile. With mobile BI 2.0, in 2019 and beyond that, BI will focus more on the context of data streams and on the insights rather than just information.

8. Natural Language Querying

NLQ has existed for a number of years but it was text-based NLQ. You type query and get the result. But, today there is no real demand for text-based queries. In 2019 and after that mostly text search interface will disappear and be replaced by voice search interface by combining with mobile BI. 

9. Data Governance 

Data governance is the control over any data entry by ensuring data entries are made in accordance with a particular standard. It is expected that in 2019, organizations will increase the focus on data governance and data quality. Data is only useful when properly accessible. Organizations will progressively look more to strike a sense of balance between data access and security in 2019.

10. Analytic Everywhere

In the last few years, the dashboard has become the central point for people to use analytics. But, people have already started coming into a BI application. So, the content is being pushed out to where people want and need to consume their analytics. In 2019, more vendors will start bringing data and analysis to the user by embedding it in an application that makes sense.


In a nutshell, these ten trends will be the close future of business intelligence in 2019.

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