How Can AI Upscale E-commerce During the Festive Season?

How Can AI Upscale E-commerce During the Festive Season?



Finally! The festive season is around the corner. Therefore, it is the perfect time for online marketers and e-commerce business owners to scale their efforts and put plans to strengthen their brand outreach and sales. Nowadays, to maximize sales, convert opportunities, and achieve revenue goals, more and more marketers are using artificial intelligence across the marketing and sales chain. With the help of Artificial Intelligence solutions the e-commerce industry is improving the customer experience.

During the festive season, online retailers witness a tremendous jump in consumer numbers. In short, it indicates serious competition between e-commerce players. Right? Therefore, they need to use their time to convert marketing effort into results. And, here, AI can be helpful.

Let us explore how AI can help business owners and marketers strategize their sales and marketing efforts during the retail calendar and most awaited time.

Product Recommendations

Recommendation engines have become a cornerstone of commercial AI usage. By adequately observing consumers’ purchase histories, current activities, and other linked third-party data, e-retailer can make highly personalized suggestions. And, it will provide consumers or visitors with an enhanced user experience.


AI systems can easily capture in-depth consumer insights about customers’ and or visitors’ buying preferences and behavior by using their social data, purchase history, and browsing habits. In short, AI will fill the gap by observing a user’s spending patterns and other data sources and will provide you with an in-depth view of the consumer. It will surely improve the consumer’s digital shopping experience.

Demand Forecasting

As an e-retailer, you must be interested in knowing in advance how much of each product is projected to especially during the festive season. In such a case, AI can be your helping hand. AI can boost demand prediction by minimizing overstock and out-of-stock situations. Even Machine Learning algorithms can optimize what products should be made obtainable in a specific geography.

Shopping Assistant

Usually, people love to shop with their friends. However, when it comes to online shopping, it is a solitary activity. To fill this gap, you can offer your consumers, AI-powered shopping assistant. This shopping assistant is nothing but an extension of the chatbot. It can learn the taste and help your consumers in selecting garments. It could offer them virtually trying a particular outfit and even offer suggestions or encourage them to buy the product just like a friend does.

Customer Service

Chatbots can learn from the interactions between consumers and human representatives. They are trained with the help of NLP techniques to understand jargon and speech related to retail. The data chatbots harvests can be used to create a more personable interaction. They can quickly respond to consumer’s queries related to price, product availability, returns, and recommendations without the need for human intervention.

Smarter Searches (Voice & Visual)

These days, customers have become used to voice-powered searches. Therefore, without a doubt, they will willingly encirclement the visual searches. For example, an AI-powered algorithm can look at the consumer’s favourite outfit and recommend other similar products.

Collect Customer Feedback

If you provide extraordinary services as per your consumer requirement and satisfy their needs, no one can stop you from becoming a fruitful business. The best way to achieve this success is to collect consumer feedback. It is an excellent source to know how you can improve your business. To get customer feedback, make use of chatbots. Using it, you can achieve a high level of engagement that ultimately encourages consumers to complete surveys.

In-store Assistance

Nowadays, consumers’ shopping habits are drastically changed. They prefer to shop online and that also through mobile. It has forced retailers to continuously re-think and re-imagine the online and offline shopper experience. By integrating retail bots, you can ensure that all the consumers have access to the most up-to-date information and streamline the online and offline shopping experience. This bot can be your helping hand in driving more traffic to stores and driving more sales when in-store via self-service, consumer support, item location assistance, and much more.


In summary, there is no doubt that AI is changing the e-commerce business face optimistically via its intelligent systems. The consumers would be offered custom-made solutions. If you want to increase your ROI, you should adopt AI at the right time, skills, infrastructure, and investments. Time is everything, and the one who plans their moves in time will win the game. Therefore, without wasting much time, leverage the power of analytics and AI to amplify your sales revenue and marketing activities. Hire AI experts from RyDOT Infotech for building unique eCommerce stores with AI trends that will take you further.

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