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About Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a cutting-edge technology-driven procedure. It collects, integrates, analyzes, and converts raw data into meaningful information that drives lucrative business actions. BI supports fact-based decision-making with the use of historical data rather than assumptions and gut feeling. The main objective of BI is to support executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and other corporate end users in making informed business decisions. It plays a major role in the tactical planning process of the corporation.

Our BI Services

BI Reporting & Analytics Services

Facts and figures are the key ingredients for better decision making. We offer BI reporting and analytic services that bring out the facts and figures and in-depth analysis of that data. It enables users to make smarter business decisions.

BI reporting and analytic

BI Consulting & Assessment Services

Rydot offers BI consulting and assessment services which helps in making a data-driven decision and drive exceptional customer experience. We offer BI consulting service which helps in bridging the gaps between the desired and existing state of BI Implementation in an organization. At Rydot, we have no room for compromise. We only employ the very best of BI consultants that provide outstanding results within a short span of time.

BI consulting service

Administration and Performance Management Services

Rydot focuses on solving business pains for customers by taking a unique and holistic administration and performance management approach. Our professional, certified and experienced BI consultants transform data into meaningful information by conducting a BI readiness assessment along with a business case to improve decision-making and performance.

BI consultant

Support & Maintenance Services

At Rydot, we provide constant 24*7 support and maintenance services for BI solutions. Our services range from decisive reporting cycle on-call services to committed end to end onsite support. Our highly proficient professional and maintenance support is cost-effective and ensures aggressive business growth.

Business intelligence software

BI Infrastructure

We offer complete-cycle BI services which comprise efficient infrastructure setup and configurations. Our skilled experts take care of the entire infrastructure. We provide BI solutions which offer manageable and cost-effective infrastructure so clients can deal with more data and can experience the power of insightful and informed analytical decisions for business growth.

power BI infrastructure

Architecture and Design Services

The effectiveness of the BI Architecture is essential to the BI Project because its development and implementation decisions and success depend on it. Our BI architecture and design service suitable for all size companies. Our design and architecture procedure results in a comprehensive technical design manuscript which can be utilized as a Blueprint for the development and accomplishment of your BI solution.

Business intelligence design services

Why Choose Rydot for Business Intelligence?

Rydot helps clients to convert big data into actionable insights that totally and perfectly fulfill all their business requirements. Our BI solutions help in bridging the gap between what is available and what is desired and promotes reduced risks and higher output.

Modern Approach Towards Technology

We know that traditional approaches to BI are very slow, inflexible, and high- priced. At Rydot, we use a modern approach to business intelligence that is governed and scales and still let your business users ask and answer their own questions with data.

Business intelligence and data analytics

Robust BI Framework

At, Rydot, we use non-complex, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, super-fast, and robust BI framework to provide BI solutions to our clients. Our flexible approach and simple mantra of cheaper and better has led to the adoption of Rydot as the preferred company for developing BI solutions by small, medium, and large scale enterprises.

Business intelligence framework

Expert BI Consultant

We have a team of seasoned and proficient BI consultants whose main objective is to create intelligence models which would facilitate human thinking and promote data-driven decision making. Our experts try to bridge the gap between what is available and what is desired and promote reduced risks and higher output.

BI framework

Support & Maintains

We provide 24*7 services for BI solutions. Our support and maintenance services range from on-call services to dedicated end to end support. We actively manage, maintain, and update your BI solutions when needed.

Business intelligence solution

Technology Stack

Interactive data visualization tools
Business intelligence reporting tool
Data visualization dashboard
Business intelligence software

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