Recognizer Computer Vision Platform

RyDOT Recognizer is a unique AI solution to recognition of objects, texts, scenes, human faces and activities in images and videos, detect any inappropriate content with computer vision technology and it is enables pattern recognition or shapes to be identified. Our RyDOT Recognizer platform can be used across different industry verticals to enhance productivity, customer experience, reduce operating costs, increase business efficiency and improve security. We offer multiple vision intelligence capabilities in one platform.

Recognizer Computer Vision Platform

Explore Our Computer Vision Key Features

Object recognizer

An object detection model is trained to detect the presence and location of multiple classes of objects. Given an image, an object detection model can identify which of a known set of objects might be present and provide information about their positions within the image.

Text recognizer

Text recognition can automate tedious data entry for credit cards, receipts, and business cards. It also recognize the text available into natural images as well. Using this text recognizer API you can also extract text from images either of documents or of natural scene.

Facial recognizer

This API helps to locate the faces in the image along with their analysis like gender and approximate age of that face. This attributes are mostly used in narrowing the search space while identifying a suspect.

Natural scene recognizer

Humans are extremely efficient at perceiving natural scenes and understanding their contents. In this API we also try to recognize the image in different categories like indoor or outdoor. What kind of scene representation in the image along with some detail classes.

Object labels

Rydot recognizer identify and locate number of indoor and outdoor objects in an image or video such as bicycle, truck, building, person, animal and scenes. Its classified images using predefined and custom labels.

Face search and verification

RyDOT Recognizer face search find human in photos, videos and Images and identify a person in a photo or video. It’s compared real images with a reference image to verify person identity. It’s for a seamless and highly secured user experience.

Recognizer Benefits

  • Unique Customer Experience
  • Streamline Operational Tasks
  • Faster and Simpler Process
  • Accurate Outcome
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Recognizer

    Explore Our Computer Vision Key Features

    Content moderation

    RyDOT content moderation helps you to identify potential unsafe and unwanted images. It’s Filtering of possible profanity and undesirable text.

    Celebrity recognition

    Rydot recognizer can recognize celebrity people with a public infamy. This includes politicians, actors, sports persons, business people and more. The celebrity recognition works by first searching relevant faces within an image and video and then helps you to recognize which celebrities are in the image.

    Face comparison

    Our face comparison recognizes and extracts key facial features and performs high-precision comparisons of human faces and determines whether the same person appears across different images.

    Person pathing

    RyDOT recognizer tracking the path of the person in the scene with video files. It provides details for a time a person’s path is tracked in a video. Person tracking solutions quantify human behaviors by location, time, and activity.

    Simplify data labeling

    The simplify data labeling allows to apply a label to an entire image or a section of an image, with an identifier and to label specific objects in images using bounding box object detection.

    Unsafe image detection

    RyDOT unsafe image detection helps you to identify potential unsafe or inappropriate content from images and video. It detects potential offensive and unwanted images and that gives you authority over what images you want to allow.

    Live stream video analysis

    RyDOT recognizer can analyze live video streams in real time to detect and search for faces. We perform the face detection for each frame in a video. So, when detecting a face in image and detecting a face in a real-time video stream, there is not much difference between them.

    Automated machine learning

    Rydot recognizer custom Labels feature includes automatic ML capabilities that take care of the machine learning for you. Once the images are provided, then our custom labels can automatically load and inspect the data, select the right machine learning algorithms, train a model, and provide model performance metrics.

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