What is Chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software which provides an automated conversation with human user in natural language. It can be used for improving sales, marketing, CRM, workflows and business automation.


  • assistant is a platform that allows a user to build an AI-powered conversational assistant.
  • The platform provides knowledge-based building and response generation tools, for developing a user friendly interactive chatbot.
Rydot Assistant Chatbot

Why Chatbot?

Key Features

Live Chat
Multilingual Support
Language Detection & Translation
Knowledge Base And Response Builder
Multiple Channel Support
Multiple Channel Support
White Label
State Of The Art NLP, NER, NLU, NLG
Ticket Generation And Workflow Automation
Third Party API Integration
Telephony / IVR Integration

Key Benefits

24*7 Availability
Immediate Answers
Improve Customer Engagement
Quality of Service
Lucrative ROI
Seamless Integration With Other Systems
Real-Time Data Collections And Analytics

Industry We Serve


Chatbots automate front office healthcare for streamlining admissions, discharge, transfer requests, schedule patient consultation requests, send and receive referrals.


Chatbots can be used to search products, Check inventory and Process return/exchange requests.


Chatbots can be used to manage generated leads, sales, product promotions, customer’s feedback and FAQs.


Chatbots can help booking tickets and plan a tour and manage customer’s feedback efficiently.


Chatbots can connect sales, customer support and provide quotes/estimates.


Chatbots can be a personal shopping assistant for product search, purchase, return and exchange.


Chatbots assign customer requests to support teams and manage the tickets.


Chatbots can enhance user's engagement by providing remarkable customer experience and can serve as sales agents.


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