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commodity trading app

Commodity Trading App

Project Highlights

Commodity Trading application is a market leader in devising commodity and equity algorithms for trading in Indian equity and commodities. The applications uses a host of features such as fundamental and technical tools along with complex algorithms, and the system provides decently accurate trade signals to the users.

These signals can be customized based on the risk profile suitable for diverse stakeholders. This application pioneers in the segment of development of algorithms that suits the needs of various clients.

Key Features

  • Track all your commodities at once place.
  • Display commodity price reports into the Mobile application.
  • Display historic data of all commodities.

Commodities application

  • Powerful and easy to use commodity app.
  • It’s supporting major commodity exchanges.
  • Alert and notification features for price update.
  • Display charts for different duration like daily, weekly. Monthly etc.

commodity trading app

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