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Connected Vehicles

Project Highlights

  • In today's fast life, we see lot of accidents, traffic jams, poor road quality, construction and development activities, etc.. on roads.
  • This leads to poor quality of transportation for normal people. Lot of un necessary delay and long queues of vehicles are seen.

Our Solution

Connected Vehicles
  • Our cutting edge Connected Vehicles solution offers solution to all of the above problems.
  • Following SAE standards all automobile manufacturers are including OBUs in their vehicles and government bodies are installing RSUs at various locations.
  • These technologies enable users to take better decisions by getting useful insights. Our systems give alerts to drivers like "An accident has happened after 1 mile", "There is traffic jam after 1 mile", "The vehicle ahead of you has taken wrong way", "There is a blind turn ahead", etc..
  • This help the relevant government authorities to generate challans automatically based on useful data.