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Expense Management (CMS)

Expense Management

Project Highlights

  • In dashboard Admin can get Count of Total Employee, Total Count of employee Logged In – today, Total Count Claim raised of Current date, Total Count Of Unresponded Claims which not responded by Reporting Manager,
  • Total Count of Unresolved 4-days claim from Claim Request date After 4-day Claim reminder goes to Reporting manager, Total Count of Unresolved 7-days claim from Claim Request date After 4 day Claim reminder goes to Next Level manager, Category wise Claims Detail in Pie Chart & Date Wise Claims Detail.
  • In Claim Management admin get List of Claim which raised by employee, admin can check detail of claim, Admin have rights to Approve or Reject claim,
  • For Approve Claim Admin need to give Re-imbursable Amount and Note
  • For Reject Claim Admin need to give Rejection Reason, Reference , Comments..
  • In list page admin can filter list by different fields and also Download Excel File


Node JS