Solar Monitoring

Solar monitoring system

Solar monitoring systems change the abstracts of power generation and consumption into graphics and numbers you can scroll through on an app. Compare solar production to energy consumption with an easy-to-use interface including overlaid graphs and historical trends. Identify energy hogs and find ways to become more efficient.

Solar power plants need to be monitored for optimum power output. This helps retrieve efficient power output from power plants while monitoring for faulty solar panels, connections, dust accumulated on panels lowering output and other such issues affecting solar performance. So here we propose an automated IOT based solar power monitoring system that allows for automated solar power monitoring from anywhere over the internet.

Rydot is the perfect solar panel monitoring and home energy management system. While most solar monitors only measure the production level of your solar panels. you can track not only your solar panels’ daily energy production, but its lifetime production as well. You can even access detailed information about your solar generation at any time online or with a desktop app. Not only will you be able to keep track of how your system is working, but by installing a solar monitoring system.

Key Features

Real-time Visibility

Reduced Losses and Downtime

Easy O&M operations

Warranty Enforcement

Reporting & Compliance

24/7 Energy Monitoring

Cloud Based


IOT based solar power monitoring system

The Dashboard

With your Smart Monitor connected you can now log in to the Dashboard anytime from your desktop computer, tablet device or smart phone to see:

  • Your solar energy system's performance
  • Your energy usage
  • Net electricity bought and sold
  • When and how you're loading your system
  • How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics

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