Big Data Analytics Platform

Revel provides a platform to store and process heterogeneous data in huge volume and velocity in real time. The user-friendly interface of the solution facilitates Big data Curation, Analysis, and visualization. The interactive dashboard helps to take data driven decisions using the outcome of Business and Artificial Intelligence.

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big data software


IoT Based Solar Monitoring System

Solar monitoring systems change the abstracts of power generation and consumption into graphics and numbers you can scroll through on an app. Compare solar production to energy consumption with an easy-to-use interface including overlaid graphs and historical trends. Identify energy hogs and find ways to become more efficient.

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IoT based solar power monitoring system


Digital Solutions for Content Publishing and Advertising

Digital Walls’ team is a conglomeration of experts from the sales, marketing, branding, technology, analytics and the creative field, collaborating to create value for consumers, brands and the government. Today’s consumer is much evolved compared to previous generations. The buying decisions are much more informed, based on insights and reviews. Our endeavour is to position the right product for the right person at the right time and at the right location! Thus making the entire experience simple and easy and an experience worth remembering and recalling.

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digital display screen for advertising


Indoor Navigation System

The Digital Attendant is a simple and powerful way to manage, publish and advertise your content on displays with just a few clicks. Digital signage can play a major role in customer engagement, reduce waiting times, marketing and outdoor advertising to support your business objectives. It can be used to provide customized content for a large number of industries including Shopping malls, Stadiums, Public areas, Airports, Retail stores, Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Corporate buildings etc.

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Indoor positioning system


Conversational AI Platform

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software which provides an automated conversation with human user in natural language. It can be used for improving sales, marketing, CRM, workflows and business automation.

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Online chatbot ai


B2B and B2C Sales and Order Management System

Invento - sales management system is designed to make sales management easier. The system can run on any modern browser on any device. The system tracks point of sale and allows for sales planning, control and employee management.

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A cloud-based sales inventory management system dashboard


Face Recognition Based Attendance and Smart HRM System

Turnout is an AI based Face Recognition solution which uses machine learning algorithms to mark the attendance of the employees. We developed AI powered Face recognition attendance system for improving efficiency of the system and a secure way to taking attendance.

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AI based face recognition and  authorisation technology


Automate Your Image and Video Analysis with AI

Recognizer is a unique AI solution to recognition of objects, texts, scenes, human faces and activities in images and videos, detect any inappropriate content with computer vision technology and it is enables pattern recognition or shapes to be identified.

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Computer vision technology


Smart Water Supply Measurement and Quality Monitoring System

Collecting real-time water quality and quantity parameters using IoT and harnessing data for generating valuable insights. The insights will be used to ensure “Har Ghar Jal” mission and will help taking decisions regarding predictive, maintenance and schedule optimization.

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smart water management using iot

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