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  • In words of Vikas Dutt, an advertising photographer and founder of StudioOnCloud:
  • “I keep on meeting different types of photographers – trained, untrained and enthusiasts. At the same time, I meet different types of clients, discuss their requirements and their photoshoot experience with different people and teams they work with. It is always very amusing to know that most of the time, customers and artists don’t understand each other’s language. Sometimes, artists don’t deliver and sometimes customers don’t.
  • Most of the time, customers find it difficult to articulate what they want. Next challenge for them is to identify right talent that can execute their project. Then the next battle is to negotiate right price for the same. Artist side of the story is almost similar. Both struggle. Also, I feel the photographers’ community is unorganized and unstructured.
  • This is when I felt that there is a need to demystify professional photography and create a platform that enables both customers and artists to focus on getting desired pictures and videos and leave the English-to-Latin-to-English translation to StudioOnCloud.”

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