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Camera Based Access System

Project Highlights

CV based intelligent Attendance monitoring system integrated with HRMS

 AI based Face Recognition solution

Turnout Edge AI Based Solution

Due to COVID-19 impact a Touchless technology is the future.

Turnout is an AI based Face Recognition solution which uses machine learning algorithms to mark the attendance of the employees.We developed AI powered Face recognition attendance system for improving efficiency of the system and a secure way to taking attendance.

Our smart Face Recognition solution works on a touchless technology and that improves employee security and safety. Our smart system used to calculate attendance automatically by recognizing the facial dimensions. The system gives Real-time data for quick processing and reporting.

AI in face recognisation

Key Features

Face Recognition

Deep Learning Based Computer Vision

Secure Cloud Storage

On-Premise And Remote Workplace Attendance Management

Pay As You Use Pricing Model

Easy Integration With Existing HRMS

Easy Integration With Surveillance System

Automated Alerts, Reports and Analytics

Employee Management


Employee Attendance Tracking system

How It Works

Facial recognisation technology

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