How Yoga Fight Against The COVID-19 To Boost The Immunity

How Yoga Fight Against The COVID-19 To Boost The Immunity



As COVID-19 scare grapples the whole country, people are getting concerned about their health. While practicing good hygiene is a practice everyone must adopt, the one thing you can genuinely do is to probe for ways to boost your immunity naturally.

Yoga is one way you can naturally uplift your vitality without having to step out of the comfort of your abode during this pandemic. Yoga has been utilized for centuries in keeping the body functioning fit and fine, holistically. However, the benefits of yoga are not just inhibited to stress mitigation and noetic wellness.

If practiced opportunely, yoga can recharge your body, dispense the toxins, negative energy and keep your vital organs functioning well. It can avail you build resilience both inside and out. Certain yoga positions can avail support, balance and boost the immune system. It can withal avail fight oxidative stress which poses a peril to the salubrious cells. If done customarily, yoga abbreviates stress systemically in the body, which in turn, cuts down inflammation and degeneration.

Yoga works at three levels:

1)     It can improve immunity
2)     You can avoid depression by practicing yoga
3)     Yoga helps to set new goals for the global community so that we can be stronger.

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